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The capability to invade images and create invisible alterations to photographs, thereby undermining its accepted “truth,” authority, and authenticity through a seamless process of retouching and editing is a destabilization of the image. It has created a crisis of belief which has political implications. We can no longer rely on the old system of “truth in images.”  Art in the age of digital simulation. Pg 155

I think this sentence pertains a lot to what we have already been discussing about truth in photography. To me it means that by altering the image we are changing the truth to it. The new technology we have makes it so that the slightest to most extreme alteration is not noticed. Some images are created to tell truth with manipulation. An example of this is where an image of Saddam Hussein was changed so that he had a mustache like Hitler’s, the image was created into a poster & was on wall streets. There is a lot of this sort of image manipulation being used.  With technology advancing its hard to believe any image is without alteration since its no longer the days of black & white film photography.

Truth & Photography


Find an image that you think really challenges the idea of “Truth and Photography”

Photo: Nigel Tomm

Intro to Digital Media Class-Sammy Nieto

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